Who We Are

We are a community of self-starters, thinkers, and doers. We are home to the impact-builders of Chatham County.


Chatham County's innovation hot spot and your community base.

Chatham County is an integral part of the Research Triangle region and with its recent growth there is an increasing need for a convening place where big ideas can take root and flourish. Located at MOSAIC in Chatham Park, 79°West is a flexible workspace for those who want to be at the center of that prosperity. As a coworking community, meeting space, and place for ideas to develop, we hope to be a one-stop shop for the ventures that will shape the Carolina of tomorrow.

who we are

Our Mission

79°West is an accessible, functional, and comfortable workspace for anyone and everyone seeking personal and professional growth. We strive to provide the perfect balance of connection with other professionals in the region and focused workspace.

Flexible coworking memberships allow access for all, while the option to engage in both varied and consistent programming will keep you learning from leaders in innovation.  A fresh and inviting physical environment will inspire you to leave the home office, increase your productivity, and enjoy  amenities and community to foster collaboration.

In short? We want you to enjoy your work life while helping you to make your mark on Chatham County and the world.

Office Space - 79°West

what we offer


Coworking membership allows you to access different work stations throughout the space. All memberships are month-to-month, so you’ll be able to adjust as needed. We have solo desks, longer work tables, and booth seating along with comfortable meeting spaces, conference rooms with full A/V capabilities, soundproof private phone booths, and all access to the all the amenities you’ll need to have a successful day! In addition to all of it, all members have access to our exclusive innovation programming.

Varied pricing options based on usage and conference room time means pretty much anyone who wants to work with us, can work with us! See our membership page for more details.

Private Offices

For solopreneurs or teams of 2-10 people, a private office gives you a customizable and secure space to focus when you need it and access to our larger community when you want it.

All of our amenities will be at your fingertips, with a dedicated area that’s all yours. Prices vary based on location, office size, number of desks, and commitment term.  Contact us if interested and we’ll show you the floor plan and our current availability. Our standard commitment term is 12-month for a private office.


Powered by Innovate Carolina, we offer a regularly updated calendar of opportunities to learn the best practices in innovation and develop skills that can elevate your venture.

It’s not only members that can benefit from our calendar of events. We host a range of gatherings – some of which are open to the public – to ensure that anyone can experience what 79°West has to offer. Members will enjoy exclusive access to certain events with international thought-leaders and startup founders. It is our belief that this programming can help strengthen ties within our community and create more opportunities for collaboration.

Need some meeting space?

 Even if you’re not a member, we’ve got you covered.
Whether you are looking for a one-off reservation, or recurring ones; check out our six conference rooms of various sizes to see what best fits your needs.