Chatham County has a personality that is well-loved by locals and neighboring cities. We are stretching our wings and expanding our reach, and this is the place to seed it. 

Our Chatham Community

Where professional meets personal.

The 79°West Innovation Hub is located just north of historic downtown Pittsboro, NC,  in MOSAIC a 44-acre mixed-use community that’s part of the rapidly growing Live-Work-Play-Learn Chatham Park community.

Already a vibrant community of change-makers and creative entrepreneurship, Pittsboro and greater Chatham County boast one of the largest surges of creative and economic growth in central North Carolina.

Connected by the 79th Degree of latitude, Pittsboro and Chapel Hill are mere minutes from one another and linked by a corridor that is rapidly growing shorter in distance. By converging Chatham County locals with the northern neighbors in Orange County, we know a larger, connected entrepreneurial community will prove to be an incredible collaboration. 

Being in MOSAIC, we can offer our community a connection to a greater development that includes shopping, entertainment, health and wellness initiatives, and outdoor adventure. Members at 79° West can step outside and into a vibrant and growing network of old and new neighbors.

We want the residents of Chatham County to direct and dictate the impact 79°West Innovation Hub can help to build. We are your innovation hub, serving your venture. We are local. We are Chatham County. 

79°West Community

Get Easy Access to Extensive MOSAIC Amenities

Studies show that making time to connect with others socially during and after work, having easy access to resources, and finding time to unwind or take pauses throughout the day increases productivity (and happiness) enormously. 

By being part of the MOSAIC community at Chatham Park, you have easy access to just about anything you need to make the work day easier and more enjoyable.

Need some meeting space?

 Even if you’re not a member, we’ve got you covered.
Whether you are looking for a one-off reservation, or recurring ones; check out our six conference rooms of various sizes to see what best fits your needs.