Venture Capital 101 with John Hagy – Presented by Innovate Carolina

Open to the Public

Join Innovate Carolina and the Carolina Angel Network for Venture Capital 101: an overview of early stage investing. The course covers the basics of Venture Capital (VC), including how VC works, the players involved, and the role of early-stage investment in the startup ecosystem. The course will touch on critical concepts like due diligence, market sizing, and valuation.

We welcome attendees of all backgrounds to attend. Examples of those who would surely benefit from this course include: a founder interested in fundraising, a prospective investor seeking to learn about a new asset class, or someone in the technology sector interested in startups. This session will help answer:

  • 1. What is venture capital?
  • 2. What does due diligence consist of?
  • 3. How do VCs assess companies for investment?
  • 4. How do VCs make money?

John Hagy is the Managing Director of the Carolina Angel Network, UNC’s angel investing organization. In this role, John leads deal flow including sourcing, screening, due diligence, and execution of investments. Prior to CAN, John worked for a variety of organizations including Duke Capital Partners, a geospatial analytics startup (Heavy.AI), Deloitte Consulting, and the CIA.

Date: October 4, 2023
Starting Time: 04:00 pm
Ending Time: 06:00 pm
Open to the Public

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