Unlock the Power of Connections: How 79°West’s Dynamic Community can Catapult Your Career!

Are you tired of traditional offices that stifle your creativity and limit your potential? Welcome to 79°West, a dynamic community workspace that believes in the power of connections. We are not just your average workspace; we are a hub for professionals to network, collaborate, and grow their businesses together.

At 79°West, we understand the importance of human connections and the impact they can have on your professional journey. We provide a physical, flexible workspace that fosters a strong sense of community, where professionals from all backgrounds come together to share ideas, seek advice, and create meaningful alliances. For example, during our recent Lunch and Learn event, we witnessed a wonderful collaboration and alliance-building between various professionals, including a small business advisor, a retirement planner, and a financial advisor.

Situated in the heart of the vibrant Mosaic development in Chatham County, our space offers a blend of coworking areas and private offices that cater to your specific needs. But it’s not just the physical space that sets us apart. We also offer local coffee and beer throughout the day, creating an atmosphere where members can relax, unwind, build relationships and get things done.

But our mission goes beyond providing workspace and amenities. We believe in inclusivity and community-building. We host regular events and initiatives to encourage interaction and collaboration between our diverse members. From “Coffee Chats,” where entrepreneurs share in a comfortable Q&A environment, to networking nights and skill-sharing workshops, there is always something happening at 79°West. We value all types of professionals, from solo-preneurs and small businesses to non-profits and startups. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported, regardless of their background. We want to see you thrive, and we’re here to provide the resources, connections, and inspiration you need to make that happen.

The Importance of Community in the Workplace

Working from home or in traditional workspaces can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and lack of motivation. When working from home, you may find yourself disconnected from the social interactions and sense of community that come with working in a shared space. Without the daily interactions with colleagues, you may feel isolated and struggle to find the motivation to stay engaged and productive. The first week of working from home, you may still shave, change to business attire and focus fully on the tasks ahead, but often the line between home and work life becomes blurred, leading to a more relaxed approach to your goals and work life.

In traditional workspaces, the rigid hierarchy and lack of flexibility can stifle creativity and collaboration, leading to a sense of disconnection and demotivation. Additionally, the lack of variety and stimulation in these environments can hinder personal growth and professional development.

These factors can contribute to feelings of isolation and a decline in motivation, highlighting the need for alternative workspaces like 79°West that prioritize community, connectivity, and inspiration. When working in an environment surrounded by like-minded individuals, you also experience a boost of energy and motivation to reach higher.

How Mosaic came to be

79°West is a portion of Mosaic. The Mosaic project came about through the partnership between the Eco Group and Chatham Park Development. The Eco Group is a collaboration between Montgomery Development and Lee Moore Capital Company. They were chosen by Chatham Park to develop the commercial projects in the area. The vision for Mosaic was to create a unique and innovative development that hasn’t been done before. The focus is on creating a vibrant community with outdoor spaces and a mix of local, mom and pop, and creative ventures. The project aims to provide a diverse range of jobs and amenities for the local community and to contribute to the economic development of Pittsboro and Chatham County.

What does 79°West bring to the scene?

79°West attracts a diverse range of professionals, including solo-preneurs, small businesses, and startups. This inclusive workspace caters to individuals and teams seeking an environment that fosters collaboration, networking, and growth.

For solo-preneurs, 79°West offers a supportive community where they can connect with like-minded individuals, build alliances, and advance their business ideas. The flexible workspace provides the most innovative setting in the county that promotes productivity and offers the opportunity to collaborate and learn from others. If you are a solo-preneur, or if you are looking for freelancer offices in Pittsboro, and want to be surrounded by the best environment possible, you must be at 79°West.

Small businesses find 79°West to be an ideal location to establish a presence and grow their operations. The coworking space provides access to resources, amenities, and a network of professionals that can help propel their ventures forward. From networking events to shared experiences, 79°West actively encourages interaction and collaboration among its members, creating a thriving community of small business owners. The new way of doing business is collaborative, it is highly connected and it is digital. With state-of-the-art business tech, your business has the wings that it needs to succeed. Also, 79°West features members connected to small business programs such as the Central Carolina Community College Small Business Center or Webb Squared whose mission is to recognize and address the racial wealth gap by providing a supportive ecosystem around Black and Brown entrepreneurs living in rural counties in North Carolina.

Startups also benefit from the vibrant atmosphere of 79°West. This dynamic environment allows them to leverage the expertise and knowledge of their fellow coworkers, share ideas, and receive instant feedback. Access to flexible workspace options and affordable event spaces further enables startups to host meetings, workshops, and product launches, driving their business growth. Bobby Duke, community manager and Sarah Cooley, community coordinator, believe in the power of sharing our ideas and getting feedback whether they are about Fantasy Football leagues or about marketing your new venture.

Beyond these specific groups, 79°West welcomes remote workers, non-profits, and anyone in need of office space or community. The diverse range of professionals attracted to 79°West creates a unique and vibrant ecosystem where connections are forged, partnerships are formed, and success is nurtured.

Why Networking is crucial to success

Building strong relationships and networking with others can be a powerful advantage in the business world, as it has the potential to open doors and create countless opportunities. By connecting with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, individuals can tap into a vast network of knowledge, resources, and support. These relationships can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and even potential clients or customers. Networking allows for the exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences, fostering growth and learning. Even more, it helps individuals expand their sphere of influence, enhance their reputation, and gain access to new markets or industries. By actively engaging in building relationships, professionals can create a strong foundation for their businesses and position themselves for success.

Alex Centeno, creative director at Merkados, a digital marketing agency at 79°West says: “Working from 79°West makes a big difference especially in terms of collaborative opportunities. When you work remotely, organically you’ll have access to a very limited opinion pool. The ideas are coming just from one source. But when you are surrounded by a collaborative business environment, that on top of that has incredible environments, both indoor and outdoor, it just exponentially grows your mindset.”

The Spirit of Innovation at 79°West

Innovation is often seen as a buzzword, something that is everywhere and found in every space. However, a truly innovative environment should prioritize creativity, inspiration, and personal growth. 79°West in the heart of Mosaic has been designed to offer that environment.

Kirk Bradley, developer of MOSAIC and CEO of Lee-Moore Capital, has mentioned that the outdoor environments at Mosaic will be diverse and offer a range of amenities for people to enjoy. This includes sidewalks, outdoor dining areas, benches, landscaping, patios, fire pits, water features, and more. The goal is to create spaces where people can relax, hang out, and enjoy outdoor activities. The outdoor areas will be larger and offer more entertainment opportunities compared to other projects in the area.

Imagine having a meeting in an open space, walking to a local restaurant for a quick dinner before heading to a Friday concert in the outdoor event area. Innovation is bound to happen in an environment like this.

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